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  • “ At the Jordan-Young Institute, we have set a very high bar for ourselves and take pride in delivering care which is considered nationally and even internationally to be at the highest level. However, we are continually striving to improve our patient care and outcomes. Going into the future we feel that taking advantage of synergies with like-minded groups and institutions will allow us to add efficiencies, optimize delivery and allow physicians to focus on patient-centric medical care. We have had a professional relationship with Aligned Ortho and are pleased to now be joining them. Together, we can continue to build a vertically integrated musculoskeletal platform that is focused on quality outcomes and bringing value to healthcare. ” - Dr. Kevin Bonner, Jordan-Young Institute
  • “ Joining forces with Aligned Ortho created the leading orthopedic care services provider in the DC metro region and provided us an opportunity for further growth and expansion while focusing on the highest quality of care for our patients. With our scale and size, we can now better deliver along the entire continuum of musculoskeletal care and value-based care models. ” - Dr. Andy Wolff, WOSM
  • “ Since our partnership with Aligned Ortho in 2018, we’ve been focused on investing in the platform’s infrastructure and building out our ancillaries like physical therapy, surgery centers, imaging centers and ortho-specific urgent care. With these in place, we can provide better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. ” - Dr. Craig Miller, OrthoBethesda
  • “ Shady Grove has built its reputation over the past 50 years by delivering high quality and compassionate care, and our decision to partner with Aligned Orthopedic Partners creates the premium orthopedic practice in the D.C. area. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality care for our patients in an outstanding work environment and joining this larger platform with a group who shares our passion for orthopedics creates more opportunities to enhance our comprehensive patient care and continue to grow both practices. ” - Dr. Sudheer Reddy, Shady Grove